David Horvat


David Horvat, Violin

David Horvat is the winner of the
2014 ArtLink - Société Générale Most Promising Young Music Artist Award


David Horvat was born on November 11, 1997 in the Netherlands, to a family of professional violinists. Not being even seven years old, he moves to Serbia where he begins his musical education at the School for Music Talents in Ćuprija, in the class of prof. vladislav Bobić.

After only a few months, this youngster showed exceptional gift in expressing music on his instrument. In his second year of playing music, David begins performing concerts as a soloists accompanied by his schools's orchestra, in Serbia and abroad. During his four years of schooling in Serbia, David won a respectable number of prizes at national and international competitions. The crown of all the competitions he took part in is considered to be the the first prize at the "Jaroslav Kocián" International competition in the Czech Republic, in 2007.

As a ten-year-old, David had a guest performance in Trollhättan (Sweeden) where he was presented to the public as a wunderkind from Serbia, and in 2008 he performed in the Netherlands with the Het Brabants Orkest - Eindhoven,as the youngest soloist ever.

Following a successful audition in November 2007, in September 2008 David became a student at the famous Yehudi Menuhin School in London. The School provided a scholarship for the then ten year old boy, as the first student from Serbia.

For seven years now, David has been studying in London and successfully meeting the high requirements set before him, while also very successfully advancing in his violin studies in the class of professor Natasha Boyarsky. He performs regularly at concerts by the students of the Menuhin School and is gradually becoming a favourite of the local audience. Concerts in London, at the Menuhin Hall, as well as at the Royal Albert Hall, are an integral part of his musical advancement. He performed concerts at tours in Switzerland an the Netherlands, both as a soloists and with his school's orchestra. David's schooling is supplemented by summer seminars with famous violin pedagogues.

In April 2013, David was presented to the Belgrade audience through a soloist concert at the "Guarnerius" Centre for Fine Arts demonstrating exceptional technical prowess which allowed him unhindered musical expression at the highest level.   In December 2013 at the celebration marking the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Ćuprija School for music Talents, at the Kolarac Endowment's Great Hall, he performed as a soloist accompanied by an orchestra.

In December 2014, ArtLink of Belgrade and Societe General Bank awarded David Horvat the Most Promising Young Music Artist Award at a concert in Belgrade's City Hall, thanks to which David performed the traditional ArtLink New Year's Concert and the Kolarac Endowment Great Hall.

Should he continue in this manner a future of world renown awaits this young violinist.

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