ArtLink European Music Cycle

In January 2014, the year when Serbia commenced its accession talks with the European Union and in the year of ArtLink’s 10th anniversary, ArtLink initiated a new concert cycle, with a prominent European character, at Kolarac Endowment’s Grand Hall, Belgrade’s main concert hall. The ArtLink European Music Cycle fulfils the goal of presenting the cultural aspects of European values to a wider audience through performances by some of the best European musicians and through their close performing cooperation with their Serbian counterparts. True to ArtLink’s founding aims, the cycle also includes a strong educational aspect, with a series of master classes for young Serbian musicians to be held by the prominent visiting artists from EU countries.
Artists linked through cooperation on various programs, organised by ArtLink, are convinced that investment in culture, as a proven form of expression of timeless values, and investment in artists as its creators and interpreters, is of fundamental importance for the (re)development of any community and subsequently of the broader society.  ArtLink is dedicated to supporting this process for the betterment of the art, the artists and the societies they live and create in.

About Us

ArtLink’s mission is to attract the public's attention to the importance of promoting young artists through festivals and specially designed young talents’ programs.

The ArtLink seeks to establish the young talents as recognised artists, building their confidence, professional curriculum, national and international recognition, contacts with other artists, talent seekers and partner festivals, in that way contributing to the attainment of future meaningful employment for the young artists. Through dedication of the ArtLink team and of the mentoring artists, the high artistic standards and quality are instilled in the young artists and their performances – all leading to the audience being exposed to high quality standards and developing to a level of discerning classical music enthusiasts.

By doing all of the above, for a sustained period of time, with clear enthusiasm and benevolence, the ArtLink is building up an engaged and sustained alliance of audience, artists, and supporters.


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