Balkans Festivals Talks

First Balkans Festivals Talks

ArtLink, Belgrade and the European Festivals Association (EFA), organized the 1st Balkans Festivals Talks, at the pilot ZOOM Meet up, on Thursday, June 4 at noon.

The idea was to initiate open consultations to share views and seek possible solutions about what matters to all of us the most – our festivals, our artists, and the very survival of all of us together in the time of crises. Improving regional links and cooperation will give cultural creators in WB the strength and more opportunities to act on different levels: national, regional and European. It really is up to us – the people from the sector – to create a common strategy towards governments, donors and stakeholders at all levels.

As for the WB Region in the process of integration into the EU, regional cooperation is crucial, there is strong need to follow the existing EU initiatives for the recovery of the cultural sector – those coming from the sector itself as well as those coming from different stakeholders at the EU level.

The substantial, untapped creative potential, that WB region ha, needs the right tools to be developed and promoted on the regional, European and global level, especially now at the onset of the post-pandemic crisis. The imitators of this new regional platform have a clear goal to set up a mechanism for building a recognizable artistic excellence platform in the Region, through the mobility of the artists and festival people, their programs, their cooperation and common productions, all to reach the audiences in our Region and the EU through a valuable cultural brand.

Creating a Regional strategy and approach, and embarking on an advocacy endeavor on both the regional and the EU level will also enable us all to develop better and more effective tools to achieve our individual projects at national levels. Creating a shared regional platform for cooperation in the cultural sector can also be used as a more powerful lever and a tool to attract support at national and local levels.

First Balkans Festivals talks

The initiators and the member of the regional consortium are of this new regional platform and a new model for cooperation the Balkan Artists Hub – BAH is

  •  Ms Jovanka Višekruna Janković, ArtLink Artistic and Managing Director
  • Ms Kathrin Deventer, EFA Secretary-General
  • Mr Darko Brlek, Director, Ljubljana Festival
  • Mr Djuro Blanuša, Director of Regional Youth Cooperation Office RYCO
  • Ms Marija Reljić, Director, Belgrade Fortress
  • Ms Herida Duro, Director for EU integration in culture, the Ministry of Culture, the Republic of Albania as well as the festivals from the region ArtLink festival, Belgrade, Multicultural Festival, Berat, Albania, Sarajevo Winter Festival, Dam Festival, Priština, Ohrid Festival Macedonia, Montenegro Music Centar.


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