ArtLink Festival 2022

 Balkan – Višegrad

ArtLink Festival

ArtLink Festival, member of European festival Association and its  regional Hub for the Western Balkans prepares its 10th edition in cooperation with several cities and fortresses, including Novi Sad, Golubac, Ram. The  idea is to present the creative potential of artists in the service of the development of the festival cities, communities, audiences and environment protection. The festival develops a model of inter-ministerial and inter-sectoral connections – music, festivals, cities, ecology, tourism and cultural heritage. Te Sound of the Water is the theme of this edition.

ArtLink Festival and its national, and global partners are creating common program with the artistic concept of a festival dedicated to nature  and new festival platform with the aim to reach new audiences. The program will include performances in Belgrade, Golubac, Novi Sad and Ram.

Art dialogues inspired by art and nature, music marathon, new music ensembles, innovative outdoor visual art presentations, creative workshops and campaigns under the motto – Festival cities, artists for nature.

June 25, 2022

ArtLink Festival 2022
ArtLink Festival 2022 program


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