ArtLink Mission

ArtLink is an association of artists, set up in 2004 in order to recognize and bring together the efforts of young artists of different artistic expression, as well as renowned ones, with the shared idea to create and act upon a new, modern vision, aiming to promote the most interesting, valuable, original and authentic art forms of the region.

The artists that came together in ArtLink and those that will join its work over time, are motivated by the perceived and recognized need for a medium of cooperation between artists, but especially by the necessity to promote and support the young artists. Inspired by the work of similar art organizations which bring together artists in a similar manner, their aim is to uncover and offer to a broad audience the artistic heritage in the best possible form as well as to establish links with artists in other regions uniting with them both the differences and the originality, in that way building bridges between societies through art.

It is the nature of art to transgress borders, breaking down obstacles in its path. Art begins where the power of reality ends, linking the two with its timelessness, limitlessness and openness.


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