ArtLink Mission

ArtLink is an association of artists, set up in 2004 in order to recognize and bring together efforts of young artists of different artistic expression, as well as renowned ones, with a shared idea to create and act upon a new, modern vision, aiming to promote the most interesting, valuable, original and authentic art forms of the WB region.

ArtLink identifies, trains, nurtures, builds career and promotes highly talented young artists throughout the WB Region. It is a member of different professional associations and networks, including the Serbian Festival Association (SEFA), and the WB Regional Hub for the EFA project EFFE since 2015 (incorporating more that 70 festivals from WB).

It has its own festival – ArtLink Young Talents’ Festival (SEFA member), the Most Promising Young Artist award in Serbia since 2005, Music production, is the creator of several music ensembles, and has strong partnerships within the art sector and business sector at national, ArtLink, together with WB and EU partners, has been engaged and continuously built on the experiences of cultural cooperation and co-production projects over the past 15 years. It is incessantly improving standards, quality and the level of partnerships in the art sector at the national, regional and inter-regional level.

Through a number of inter-regional cultural projects between the WB and the Nordic and Visegrad countries (NORBAL – Nordic-Balkan Cultural Link, the Balkan Visegrad Cultural Bridge, Youth Stage, and Young Artists Project since 2015), as well as with other EU MS, all with a special focus on young artists, ArtLink has brought more than 50 highly renowned artist from EU MS to the WB, introduced them to more than 250 young talented WB artists, jointly training them through innovative tailored programs, presenting them to audiences, and launching their careers.

ArtLink’s innovative educational programs, advancing artistic excellence and the human capital of artists in Serbia and the WB Region, have become a point of reference in artistic excellence & an inspiration to other organizations. Consequently, since 2014, ArtLink created and launched several youth & mixed ensembles including the ArtLink Young Virtuosi, Camerata Balcanica & the WB Sextet.

ArtLink is currently the WB Hub for the EFA project EFFE (since 2015) – bringing over 70 WB festivals into this European project’s network, and promoting the Project through a s pronounced EU-integrative character in its work. As the only organisation to mark the beginning of Serbia’s Negotiation with the EU in 2013 with a gala concert, it has built a consistent track record of cooperation with EU MS embassies, institutions & cultural centres (EUNIC) in Serbia and with the EU Delegation, and continuously advocates for and plays a synergetic role contributing to deepening art sector’s cooperation in the WB & its merit-based integration into EU art scene.


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