ArtLink Art Collection

The ArtLink Art Collection was founded in 2018 with the idea to bring together visual artists, with academic degrees, who have different artistic expressions – from classical to contemporary – using different techniques.

The concept and the motto of the collection is to bring to the fore the personality of the artist and their inner strength, vision and the message that they convey through their work. Artistic freedom is unconditional and necessary for the development of talent and artistic values and, as such, art becomes the driver of freethinking and ideas that drive society to develop.

The collection first presents the works of artists who have woven their work and artistic expression into the work of the ArtLink Association since its founding, and thus significantly contributed to the affirmation of ArtLink ideas and projects, as well as gave a visual stamp to all previous activities.

Artists Jakša Vlahović and Marija Dokmanović make their aesthetic and artistic expression through illustration and caricature in a graphically masterful, humorous and lucid manner, precisely like a measuring instrument, responding to contemporary social phenomena, and sending very clear messages in relation to them.

The painters Tamara Kusovac and Ivana Martić are the creators of expressive colouring, distinctive artistry and profiled narrative. While Tamara Kusovac, designer and painter, takes an explicit and eloquent approach to what she imparts through the painting, trying to visibly and decoratively play with the objects-content of the image, Ivana Martić builds her associative abstraction on the need to achieve harmony within the image based on composition and colouring.

The younger generation artist Jovana Milenković, with a diploma from the Textile Department of the Academy of Applied Arts, expanded her expression to tapestry, painting, illustration, and ArtLink Collection presents her works in sculpture.


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