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ArtLink Festival Jazz

The Jazz Trio consists of three young jazz musicians who regularly perform in various ensembles on the Belgrade jazz scene, and their repertoire includes compositions by Miloš Čolović and jazz standards.

Miloš Čolović and Mathieu Clement are a rhythm section formed at jazz workshops in Velenje, Slovenia with the blessing of the legendary drummer Gregory Hutchinson.

In April 2023, during a residency in Mathieu’s native Luxembourg, they recorded his second album, which will be released next year.

He will perform here with pianist Andrej Hristić, well-known to the Belgrade jazz audience.

The program consists of Miloš’ original music and selected tracks written by: Bill Evans, Horace Silver, Bobby Timmons and others.

Pianist and composer Tihomir Stojiljkovic takes you on a journey through the Balkan musical heritage, rediscovered in the language of modern jazz. Self-taught, Tihomir graduated by listening to the greats of modern music, developing his authentic playing style. He developed the Balkan Trilogy, of which the first two albums have been released, and the third is in preparation.

Welcome to the ArtLink summer jazz festival!