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Ljiljana Burčul – Lily

Ljiljana Burčul - Lily

Ljiljana Burčul – Lily was born in Belgrade, Serbia, where she acquired MS in mechanical engineering. Her artistic talents and passion for creativity, determined her career in applied arts with a particular focus on interior design and painting.

During a successful art career for over two decades, Lily has developed unique skills and techniques painting on silk and other materials. Her original and distinctive style gave her a chance to exhibit beyond Serbian borders, all over the world (America, Canada, France, Italy, Austria, China) and to receive many awards visible in the attached exhibition portfolio. Lily`s masterpieces have found cherished homes among collectors in Las Vegas, Toronto, Paris, Trieste, Moscow, and Shanghai.

What sets Lily`s creative expression apart is the remarkable certification she received from the Bion Institute in Slovenia, attesting to the positive impact of her art on the human biofield. Observations have shown that people tend to feel better after immersing themselves in the world of Lily`s paintings. This phenomenon led to scientific experiment conducted by the biologists, confirming the transformative effects of her work.

While seated comfortably, you`ll have the opportunity to not only appreciate the aesthetics but also feel the relaxing and positive influence her art imparts.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the world of art and well-being, Ljiljana Burčul was invited to present her insights at the European Parliament in Madrid in 2023. Her theme, „Art healing and networking“, was part of the annual Conference of G100 Global Networking Wing, solidifying her status as an innovator in the art world.