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The Musical Breathing from Korea

Udahni muziku koreje

Music from Korea

For the first time in Serbia, ArtLink presents a concert of contemporary Korean music with a concert planned for June 18, 2024. This event will be a generator of musical vibrations as a combination of history and modernity, Korean and Serbian art.

In addition to traditional works, we will also hear original music by Korean sound masters such as Byeongdong Baek and association members Boknam Lee, Yoonkyung Park and Misun Jung.

We will see different musical formats such as solo performance of traditional Korean instruments gaegaum and haegeum (Gayageum, Haegeum) and duo forms such as piano with gaegaum instrument and cello with haegeum instrument and others, as well as performances by top Korean traditional music singers.

Music on traditional Korean instruments will be performed by top performers Hae Jung Lee on gaegeum, Yoonjae Heo on haegeum, Gyuhyuk Jung who plays piri, saenghwang, Ryu Jae-Young percussionist and vocal soloist Professor Dohyun Kim.

Serbia will also be visited by two female composers – Boknam Lee, professor at Myongji University in Korea and president of the East-West Music Society, and composer Yoon Kyung Park, as well as musicologist Sumi Kim.

The rich palette of this unique concert will be completed by Serbian artists pianist Jovanka Višekruna Janković, cellist Valentina Lučković, Aleksandar Jovan Krstic, kaval and soprano Milica Žižić.

Boknam Lee, kompozitorka

Yoon Kyung PARK, Kompozitorka

Hae Jung LEE, Gaegeum (Gayageum) tradicionalni korejski muzički instrument

Yoonjae HEO, Haegeum, tradicionalni korejiski žičani instrument

Gyuhyuk JUNG, Piri, Saengvang i Jangu
(Piri, Saenghwang, Janggu) tradicionalni korejski muzički instrument

Dohyun KIM
Traditional singing

Ryu Jae-young