The Balkan-Visegrad Young Talents’ Project

 Balkan – Višegrad

The Balkan-Visegrad Young Talents’ Project (BVYTP) continues to develop the “infrastructure” for a continuous, short- to mid-term know-how accrual and career development of young, talented music artists from both WB and Visegrad regions, serving as a platform for mobility and exchange of young artists and programs among the two regions’ artistic festivals while rising artist-recognition and developing audiences. The project identifies highly talented young classical musicians from 2 regions, brings them together, prepares a common repertoire of music to be performed (including works by young composers), develops the repertoire under the mentorship of prominent regional and international music professionals, followed by performances across the WB region, at selected artistic festivals, supported by strong PR and information campaign.

The project also proves to the young people from both regions that attaining success is possible in their own region if they are good at what they are doing while demonstrating the power of collaboration, interaction and creativity of the 2 regions’ youth. Today, young music artists have insufficient recognition at the national and regional level, and too few opportunities to perform beyond the borders of their own country, in a regional or international setting. This hinders their professional, artistic and career development, and limits networking and access to media. ArtLink and its partners in WB and V4 have undertaken two previous projects for this purpose (Balkan-Visegrad Cultural Bridge and B-V Youth Stage) on which they will now build further.


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